Terms and Conditions:

• On same address only 2 accounts can be registered.
• In case, you are not active with us for 60 days then your account will be deleted / suspended.
• On subscription, it is mandatory to take training within 3 working days.
• Within 60 days, if you won't refer a single referral than it leads to account deletion. So, be active to avoid account deletion.(unsubscribed User's)
• If client is required with special training then one have to pay Rs.250/- for training session.
• In case of any queries or complaints clients can drop a mail to info@c2b.in or can Whatsapp/call back on +91-8105048087.

Data Entry / Copy Paste:

• It will take less than few seconds to searching the matter from the document
• In case one places wrong text matter in fields which is not at all concerned with the document given, Than it will be rejected.
• Duplicating the copy-paste work, by pasting the same thing repeatedly for other documents than it will be rejected.
• Violating any of our working rules, than it leads to account termination.
• placing something vulgar or bad language regarding any document in data fields, leads to account termination.
• The content which you do copy and paste it should be more than 90% accurate in order to get approved
• On the Server you'll be having your Reports section, where in real time you see the no. of copy paste job done by you.
• You'll be paid for approved copy paste job you do as per the registered plan
• You will be paid only for the approved assignment.
• Documents is regularly updated on the server with new details, so there is nothing to worry like shortage of work.

Free Classified:

• User cannot click him/herself on their free classified website (In case of self clicks are found then, the publisher account will be suspended).
• In Case of repeated clicks from the same device/ same ip. it leads to the account suspension.
• Once domain/sub-domain name is allocated, it cant be changed or modified.
• Unique ad will be considered, depending on the ad content which they do post, if any ad found above 80% similarity in such case it will not been considered as unique ad.
• In case of any technical issues on the free classified than it should be informed by the client.

On payments:

• Only subscribers of C2B can withdraw daily payments depending on the registered plan
• In case user is not subscribed, by that the minimum payout limit will be Rs.250/-.
• In order to withdraw the funds on should complete KYC & it's mandate.
• The payment will be completed within 24 working hours from the time of request made from the client.


• The account manager will be responsible to make Rs.6000/- within 90 working days.
• Account Manager facility is available only for the plan 4 subscribed Client.
• Only one account manager will be allocated on one address.
• In case of misuse or misconduct of account manager facility, the services will be suspended and there will be no refunds on this kind of issues.
• A detailed statement will be maintained by the company.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We reserve the right to modify or amend this Terms and Conditions at any time.