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Refer And Earn

How it works?

once you register with C2B, you will be assigned with a referral ID, whenever a user registers with your Referral id you will be get 10% commission.


  • You will be paid 10% commission on the Registration.
  • you will paid 10% commission on the purchases of other services @ C2B
  • High Referrals gets you higher income
  • 5 Level referral Income
    • For Example:- Whenever you refer a person 'A', you will receive 10% commission. When A refers B by that you will receive 8% commission in the same way. A earns 10% commission, when B refers C, B earns 10% commission and A will earn 8% commission and you will earn 5% commission in the same way when c refers D, C will get 10 Commission and b will get 8%, A will get 5% and you will get 1% commission.
  • Whenever a person uses your referral id you will earn 10% commission on the plan
    1. When they register in plan 1 you will earn 50Rs
    2. When they register In plan 2 you will earn 100Rs
    3. When they register In plan 3 you will earn 200Rs
    4. When they register In plan 4 you will earn 400Rs