How it works?

Do you have a domain, then make your domain as earning website without any investment.
Get register with C2B and make your domain as free classified and earn money for valid impressions and for valid click also C2B pays you for every unique ad which visitor posts on your website. Get referral commission who ever register from your site. Get free hosting and maintenance classified website.

  • C2B is the only company which is offering free classified along with hosting.
  • In order to promote online advertising C2B will pay for both classified buyer as well as for the visitor who posts a unique ad.
  • Creates 6 ways of income under one roof.
  • It generates you high income by just doing promotional activity.
  • Your earning will depend on the promotion which you will do. Promote and earn.

  • You will be paid Rs 2.40/- for every valid click.
  • You will be paid Rs 2 for every 1k image ad Impression
  • You will be paid 10 – 20 % commission on the plan when a visitor registers from your site or from your referral ID.
  • You will be paid 10 – 20 % commission on the plans which your referrer registers for further programmes even.
  • You will be paid Re.1 on every unique which will be posted on your classified website.
  • You will be paid 50% amount which will be received for premium ads in your classified.
Make your domain as free classified by updating your DNS, once your domain gets live you can start earning.
  • In order to attract more visitors to website, C2B pays visitor Re.1 for posting a unique ad in website.
  • High responsive templets helps you to get more visitor to your website as the website is smart phone and desktop friendly.
Just register with C2B and start earnings immediately.
Your payment will be transferred to your paytm account immediately. You will not have any kind of minimum pay-out limits.
For example: if you receive payment of Rs 10 /- it will be transferred to your paytm account immediately
Once you login into your account you will be able to see you're transactions under billing page.
Under billing page you can see how much you have earned, when payment is made and the transaction details will be mentioned there.


Plan Name Free Premium
Plan Charges* Rs. 0 Rs. 499
Free Advertising N/A Rs. 1000 Worth
ATOZ PPC Approval & code Embedding YES YES
Maintenance Free YES YES
Validity(From the date of domain registration) 1 Year 1 Year
SEO(Search Engine Optimization) NO YES
SEM(Search Engine Marketing) NO YES
Listing on C2B YES YES
E-Mail Marketing NO YES(1000)
SMS Marketing NO YES(500)
Registration Register Register

* Domain Name will be Live once DNS gets Updated