Few Words About Us!

We are innovators of new advertising methodologies using unique Platforms

• Only company which offers numerous ways of earnings in single platform.
• C2B offers online advertising at free of cost. To produce paper we need to cut the trees, so advertise online and save nature, join your hands to save our mother nature let us give green future for our upcoming generations.
• India's first company come up with new marketing strategy through unique methodology in online promotions/advertising activities.
• C2B participates with all kinds of promotional activities in entire social network sites (Whatsapp status, Whatsapp broadcast, Facebook status, Instagram status and so and so) where extreme people engaged and do spend more of their time in that.
• C2B provides an opportunity to advertiser, by which C2B facilitate promotional activities and reaches accurate audiences within less duration.
• C2B facilitates to make advertiser product or service to influence maximum people and enables to create brand name along with good will for your firm's product or service.
• C2B has all the capability to get minimum 3000+ views on each status.
• C2B is the only company Generating Self Employment opportunity through Make in India and Digital India concept.
• Only company which pays you for posting unique ads.
• C2B is the India's first company to provide free hosting for classifieds with 11 unique ways of income from the free classifieds.

our goal is to make every Indian should start earning money even in there Free Time

We give you Care tips and Ideas which changes your Financial Solutions.