C2B India gives an opportunity where you can double your earnings. By working with C2B's account manager you can earn in 1 : 2, here a dedicated account manager will be allocated for one particular account, where account manager will work for that account on behalf of the client, by which one can get assured earnings of minimum Rs.75/- per day or Rs.3000/- within 40 days from the date of account manager facility activation.

Benefits through ACCOUNT MANAGER:

• Account manager will hold all the promotional activities on behalf of account holder.
• Minimum Rs.75/- per day or Rs.3000/- within 40 days will be assured by the account manager.
• If the account holder works along with account manager by that one can earn unlimited with our app and our unique earning modes.
• Here, C2B India facilitates one to earn unlimited money using C2B platform with our expertise account manager.


Incase account manager fails to make Rs.3000/- within 40 days then the company assures to refund the premium charges along with 2% addition on Rs.1500/-.


All Subscribed client are eligible to get account manager facility. Here, initially client hire account manager for Rs.1500/- whereas on the same date itself company allocate a slot to the client's respective account in which client will get minimum of Rs.75/- per day from account manager's work(involvement), even client can work by promoting their own links to their network where company won't restrict. With this one can YIELD Rs.3000/- (Rs.75/- X 40days) by the end of the month i.e., double of the investment; so one can double their income with single investment and minimum efforts.

Here, client can work independently else along with the account manager where this allows client to earn more than Rs.3000/- + within 40days or Rs.75/- per day. Here, client is not restricted with the earnings.C2B doubles your investment within 40days from the day of activation, this facilitates to earn lumpsum with minimum work.

Usually the account manager will make total earnings within 30 days, that is to say they will make Rs.3000/- with in 30days.If once your earning reaches to Rs.3000/- by that account manager will be withdrawn on the successful completion.

Hire Account Manager Today, Get Guaranteed Earnings from C2B without more efforts.